Zinc Metal


Ekin Maden is Turkey’s leading company in the zinc metal market with a share of  75%. We distribute zinc metal in all forms (ingot, jumbo, euro-jumbo) and qualities (SHG, HG, CGG), all around Turkey. We provide our clients with the best service and offer most competitive prices by creating different logistic alternatives, such as  distributing from several locations in Turkey (İstanbul, İzmit, Gemlik, İzmir, Ereğli, İskenderun etc.).

By stocking up sufficient quantities of zinc metal in various warehouses around the country at all times, we enable our customers to carry on their productions without stock, which brings them huge advantages in terms of cost and logistics.

Our principles are consistency, sustainability and providing high quality service. Today, providing the requested material on time and ensuring its continuity are essential criteria for suppliers. With this in mind, we unquestionably render the best service to our clients at all locations.