About Us

Ekin Maden is one of the leading companies in the metals and minerals sector in Turkey. We predominantly produce and export chrome, zinc, lead, copper ores and concentrates and, at the same time, import and distribute zinc metal, lead metal, copper cathodes/wire rods and aluminium metal.

Ekin Maden, with long years of experience, not only is the leader of the Turkish metals and minerals market, but also is sought for in the international arena due to its well established reputation all around the world.

Ekin Maden has assumed the title of Turkey’s number one non-ferrous metal supplier for more than a decade, now. We distribute yearly 170,000 mtons of zinc metal of different qualities and origins, 45,000 mtons of lead metal and approximately 20,000 mtons of copper, with an overall quantity of approximately 240,000 mt metals.

Ekin Maden contributes remarkably to the development of the mining sector in our country with its constant investments in the mines in various regions of Turkey and with the financial support provided to producers. It also ranks as the number one in the export of chrome ores and concentrates with yearly 350,000 mtons of export in total. Ekin Maden is one of the top three companies in Turkey in the export of all metallic ores.

After having made a considerable amount of  investments, Ekin Maden now possesses a modern copper flotation facility in Albania, with an annual production capacity of 450,000 mtons and a flotation capacity of 600,000 mtons. It is one of the biggest exporters of Albania with an annual sales of  50,000 mtons of copper concentrates.

Ekin Maden  also owns an ore crushing and storing facility in Mersin.