We attended the 7. Metallurgical Raw Materials Markets Conference arranged in Ukraine in 2011

We have attended the  7. CIS Metallurgical Raw Materials Markets Conference held in Ukraine in 5-7 October 2011. 

 The main topics of the conference were as follows:

Session 1: Outlook for World Steel and Raw Materials Markets

  1. Prospects of steel market development in 2012
  2. World raw materials markets: key trends and price prospective
  3. Appraisal of raw materials' constituent in steel production cost. Forecast of its change
  4.   Development of Chinese metallurgy: impact on world steel and raw materials market

Session 2: Iron Ore, HBI, Pig Iron

  1. Role of governmental regulation in Chinese iron ore market
  2. Balance of CIS iron ore market in 2012
  3. Change of iron ore export volumes from Ukraine as a result of capacity expansion
  4. How a CCPs can help the iron ore industry
  5. Perspectives of merchant pig iron market in 2012
  6. Development of world HBI market

Session 3: Coking Coal

  1. World market of coking coal amid lack of supply and price volatility
  2. Production, demand and prices for coking coal in Russia
  3. Prospects of coking coal exports from Russia

Session 4: Steel Scrap

  1. Overview of Turkish scrap market
  2. Prospects of scrap exports from CIS
  3. Regional peculiarities of scrap collection & processing in CIS
  4. Optimization opportunities for scrap-processing companies

Session 5: Ferroalloys

  1. Forecast of key producers' manganese and silicon alloys'production cost
  2. Overview of current situation in base alloys market
  3. Prospects of manganese and silicon alloys consumption in CIS
  4. Market of chrome alloys in CIS: current situation and consumption prospects

Session 6: Refractory Products

  1. Attractiveness of CIS market for world refractory producers
  2. Ways to increase competitiveness of CIS domestic products in current market conditions
  3. Innovative solutions in sector of lining for metallurgical furnaces
  4. Methods to decrease expenses of metallurgical companies by means of refractory technologies' optimization

Session 7: Sea Shipping and Railway Transportation of Metallurgical Raw Materials

  1. Key factors and trends of railway transportation in 2012
  2. Sea shipping of metallurgical raw materials: market overview and freight rates forecast for 2012
  3. Ways to decrease transport constituent in final price of cargos