Ekin Maden chromite exports to China will reach 400.000 mts in 2012

Ekin Maden is a new emerging company in Turkey, which started its chrome ore trading activity on 01.01.2010 and in a very short period of 6 months time, ranking NO.4 chrome ore exporter in Turkey.

With more than 200.000 MTS chrome ore exports, Ekin Maden ranked NO.3 for year 2010 after CVK and Dedeman, yet, at that time there was no own production.

In 2011, Ekin Maden started 2 new investments at chromite production with total capacity of 80.000 MTS (50.000 MTS concentrates and 30.000 MTS lumpy), but due to late start of these projects only 20.000 MTS production achieved. It increased the capacity of trading activity in 2011 and with more than 300.000 MTS, ranking NO.1 for 2011. 55% of Ekin Maden's chrome ore exports are concentrates and 45% is lumpy.

For 2012, Ekin Maden hopes that the production will reach min.60.000 MTS, and now new projects both in Turkey and Albania are on the way, and its target for 2012 exports is to reach 400.000 MTS annually.

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